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UPS System

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UPS System

Uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) are devices that maintain the supply of power to a load even when the AC input power is interrupted or disturbed. This is typically accomplished by drawing the necessary power from a stored energy source, such as a battery. UPSs may also convert unregulated input power to voltage and frequency-filtered AC power. Thus, the UPS will provide stable power and minimize the effects of electric power supply disturbances and variations.
UPSs are currently found in commercial, industrial, medical and residential markets. Applications include: Individual computers and computer systems, shipboard systems automated manufacturing, microprocessor and microcontroller-based equipment, medical applications, laboratories, analytical systems, robotics, precision motor-speed applications, military applications, mission-critical fields such as telecommunications and Internet nodes, finance, public health, air traffic control, transport We Have a wide range of online & offline UPS starting from 350VA to 120KVA industrial UPS.

ups system

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