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Our Mission

We are committed the technology to support our mission and to creating an information technology "baseline" that embraces the diversity.

Our Mission

Client is King

We believe that this is a very important statement to us. We want our customers to feel that they are the most important part in our business. Whether buying, selling or servicing, we want our customers to know that we are constantly looking for the best solution for them. When we meet our client, we are always prepared to allay all the trepidation and queries that they have. We always make sure that we render our best service every time we deal with our client.

Our People Are Our Most Important Asset

Any type of business requires manpower to propel the company onwards. The same applies to Thasaamah Technology. We consider our staffs, whether in administration or in sales, as our prized asset. This is why we constantly provide training and professional development talks to our staffs. We always promote friendly and good-natured environment in the office to enhance our staffs’ spirit of camaraderie. What we desire is a long term relationship between the company and our staffs to ensure the longevity of our company is preserved.


Honesty is Our Best Policy

We want the bond forged between us and our customers based on trust. That is why we always maintain our business with honesty and integrity. We always put the customer’s best interest at heart when we carry out our business or task. We require our negotiators to follow the rules and guidelines in dealing with their customer to avoid any confusion or misunderstanding.

Doing the Right Thing the First Time and Every Time

In this line of business, customer satisfaction is what we aim for. Any happy customer will refer their families or acquaintances to us. Every time we deal with our customer, we always come prepared and outline our plan to them. This is vital to gain customer’s confidence in our ability. We regularly update our customers regarding any progress that we made to their property or the houses that they looking for. Any plan or activities that were not successful will be reviewed to find out where the problem lies. We want to ensure that we always maintain the effectiveness of our work.


We believe that it is important to be loyal in this business. We always maintains loyalty to our customers, whether buyers or sellers to ensure that the relationship that we build will last for a long time. The only way to sustain this is by providing a prompt and efficient service. We also keep in constant contact with our customers, whether it is previous or current ones, to offer our services every time it is required

Our Partners